Medical Customer base

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“I’ve learned that a good supply chain is one of the more important secrets – namely when you find a good one like Zenso!”- Rasmus Stig Jensen, CEO Hyposafe
“Through a feasibility conducted by Zenso we have achieved in a time frame of three months a workable test device for electrically stimulating tissue . It was important to be able to stimulate over the widest possible frequency domain ( up to 20MHz ) with a given gain. The technology exploration conducted within the feasibility has quickly lead to a workable test setup with a limited number of iterations, so that the strict timing for the in vivo tests could be maintained. The availability of their laboratory equipment and especially their engineers ( for consultation and interpretation of results) have ensured that the tests could be done efficiently and effectively.”- Liesbet Conings, Project Manager Elektron
“Zenso has conducted the technology exploration to find a suitable PCB technology of the Synapse AIMD implant for Deep Brain Stimulation. This PCB has strict requirements (very thin, high reliability), so that it was extremely difficult to select an appropriate technology. Zenso has mapped the possible technologies in an efficient way and has selected a technology and a PCB partner. Subsequently Zenso has developed the PCB and assembly to production level. Additionally Zenso also has calculated the technology to wirelessly transmit energy to the implant (coil design, driver topologies ...). As customer I may emphasize that the consultancy tasks of Zenso formed the base of a successful product launch and rapid market approval (CE mark). The existing experience within Zenso has significantly accelerated this process and deserves a warm recommendation for other interested parties.”- Hartmut Spitaels, Former Managing Director 3WIN N.V & Synaptix N.V