CASE1: UNEEG Active Implantable Medical Device (AIMD) to detect and alert diabetic patients of hypoglycemia

ED deviceUNEEG Medical ( is pioneering cognitive technologies designed to help and empower people. UNEEG Medical creates tiny implants that monitors and analyzes brain activity to convey relevant information and issue alerts. The AIMD devices can be used for medical and diagnostic purposes or for enhancement. Currently clinically testing is ongoing for the world’s first 24/7 on-line EEG monitoring device dedicated for diabetics unable to feel and respond to a critically low blood sugar level. By warning the carrier before a critically low blood sugar level is reached, the device prevents hypoglycaemia with potential fatal consequences. 

Zenso is the design partner for the external devices communicating with the implant. We have designed all the electronics, firmware and PC based software from feasibility phase up to design and production.