CASE1: LDV UNITEDGabriel, Opel’s safety car key for child detection

Car manufacturer Opel and advertising agency LDV United challenged drivers to come up with their own ideal options as part of the 'Smart Options project'. Kenny Devlieger, a father of two sons, submitted an idea for an option that watches over your child in the car, to prevent heat stroke. A kind of guardian angel, he called it Gabriel.Every summer, an average of 20 children in Europe die from a heat stroke inside a car. LDV United brought us along for the ride in order to take the Gabriel from a rough idea to a functional reality.


 The Gabriel system uses a small keyring connected to a pressure-sensitive mat that fits any child seat. If the temperature in the car rises above 28 degrees Celsius, Gabriel by Opel sends an alert to the driver to come back to the car immediately.